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My name is Greg Reddick and I am the owner/maker at Highland House Furnishings and Accents, located in Georgia.  I produce accent furniture, sculptural objects, wall decor and fine art that is sure to add visual interest to your surroundings. My work is oriented towards collectors of unique, hard-to-find, hand-crafted items which are made to last. 

This site is a growing archive of recent projects, products and commissions.

Purchasing Info — 4/22/19

NOTE: Due to the high volume of orders underway it is necessary to temporarily close the shop in order to catch up. I am still making and shipping mirrors during this time and available to answer any questions. Contact form is below.

When you go to my shop on Etsy you will now see 3 size and 3 style options for the quill mirrors:


1) 31” overall with 11.5” glass 2) 34” overall with 13.5” glass 3) 37” overall with 15.5” glass


1) Ivory-Tip: quills have black rings that taper to golden brown at the edges; the frame is black with gold accent border 2) White-Tip: quills have black rings (no brown); the frame is black with silver accent border 3) Gold-Tip: Quills are white with gold tips; the frame is white with gold accent border

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you own a porcupine farm?

I do not. The "quills" are handmade from hardwood and painted to mimic real quills.

Are the quills real?

They are made of wood to look real.

The listing says 31” Porcupine Quill Mirror. Is that the overall diameter or just the glass?

It is the overall diameter. The short description under the Etsy listing title has most of the pertinent information regarding specs.

What is the largest mirror you can make?

The largest mirror I can ship is 44" in overall diameter. Anything larger has to ship via FedEx freight and the shipping cost soars from $190 to around $1,000.

Do you ship internationally?

I do not. Unfortunately the cost of overseas shipping often exceeds the cost of the mirrors themselves.

Why is the wait time on receiving a mirror so long?

I am a one man shop and the porcupine mirrors are a labor intensive product. Typically I have between 20 and 35 orders in the works. It has been my goal for a long time to have mirrors in stock and ready to ship and I am working very hard to realize that goal.

I need 8 mirrors right away. Do you wholesale and can you provide that many?

I can make as many as you need. However based on the amount of time it takes to put these together in relation to the price, there isn't any room for a mark down. The best way to look at it is that the mirrors are already offered at discount prices. Currently I am a long way from having mirrors in stock and ready to ship, but I am working on it.

I would like a matching pair of mirrors. Can you combine shipping?

It is slightly less expensive to ship two mirrors separately than to try to ship two mirrors in the same crate, based on size and weight. Additionally there is much less chance of shipping damage when mirrors are shipped in individual crates. Shipping them separately is the way to go.

If I give you my phone number will you call me to discuss the particulars of a mirror?

It will be much more beneficial for both of us if we keep everything in writing using the Etsy message feature. This way I will know exactly where to look if, later, I need to refresh my memory on what was said, and it will help ensure that you get exactly what you want. You can get in touch by clicking the "contact shop owner" button on my Etsy page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ApplewoodGA.

You say the quills are made of wood, but how do you know, really ?

Before being shaped, bent, sanded, primed, re-sanded and painted to look like quills, they begin as hardwood dowels. I am 100% sure.

How strong are the needles? I am concerned about my children breaking them off.

The hardwood quills are quite strong but the porcupine mirrors are meant to be decorative only and most likely would not fare well in the hands of children.

What is the warranty on your mirrors?

The mirrors ship securely in a substantial wood crate and will arrive in perfect condition. Because there are no moving parts to wear out and the mirrors are meant to be decorative only I do not offer warranties against any future damage.

Could you make a mirror with genuine porcupine quills?

Yes. Contact me for details.

Do you have any advice for me before I place my order?

Yes. Measure your space twice, order once. The listing description has all the pertinent information about glass size and overall diameter.

How is the best way to place an order and can I order from you directly?

Currently I am accepting orders through Etsy only. Checking out through Etsy is easy, safe and secure.



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